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Stars and Stripes

For any enquiries, service or repair queries please contact Andy Hunt on

208 792 1685 (Pacific Time)







We are now out of stock on all amplifier products and amp module (for powered speakers) and also some components for passive crossovers (unpowered speakers). This is due to the continuing siupply chain issues affecting electronic components. We have seen back order times drop from just over a year to just under a year on some critical components but obviously this is still a considerable length of time to wait and plan a production run. These events our out of our control and part of a wider global issue. We're hoping things get better but we're as in the dark on things as are lots of companies out there.

We have been asked if a redesign or change in components is possible but this is not realistic. We use the very best components with high tolerences for a reason and throiughout Andy's career of building amps he's learnt the hard way what works and is reliable and what doesn't. Some of the components that are out of stock were commonplace before the supply chain problems so not rare or hard to get so it is all down to the global supply chain issues and things moving slower than expected.

We're continuing to monitor the situation and obviously at the moment we are in a state of "hibernation"  until the situation improves.Andy is continuing with repairs of our products but he is extremely busy with the other operations which are allowing the company to survive. This is leading to delays which Andy apologises for. Of course if you need an update you can speak to Andy on 203 792 1685 (Idaho Pacific Time).

Once we have some news regarding production we'll update you as best we can.



As you will no doubt see in the webshop, we are now out of stock on a great many items. This is out of our control unfortunately and due to a global parts shortages on electronics, materials and continued supply chain issues which started with the pandemic and has gotten worse over time. We are seeing back order times on many common components used in our amps and circuit boards of over a year at the moment. This means we are unable to get production runs going of many of the "staple" items we sell. At the present time we have low amounts of stock of 1U amps but these will not last forever. We DO have spare parts for repairs and servicing which should cover most of the repairs we encounter so we will continue to provide that service for the foreseeable future. Even when we do run out of amps, the business will NOT close and will continue, albeit in a slight hibernation until things improve. We'll continue to answer emails as best we can and provide assistance and advice as well as repairs and servicing. We, as a company are lucky in respect that we took the opportunity to bring "in-house" things like anodising our own metalwork which is now keeping the company going by providing outside services to local industries. This backup will allow us to keep Matrix open, although not in production until things improve. To all our customers past, present and future we thank you for the support you've given us and we hope that things get better in the near future and we can get back to providing you with the best amps (in our opinion) out there!


In 2009 a group of Fractal Audio Axe Fx users on their forum were searching for the ideal power amp to pair with their (then current model) Standards and Ultras. Ideally a 1U lightweight amp with enough power to take the sounds created in this groundbreaking machine to the stage. Enter Andy Hunt and Matrix Amplification. Then based in South Wales in the United Kingdom, Andy built a PA amp that fitted the bill. The forum guys started a conversation with Andy about tailoring this amp to guitarists needs and Andy duly modified his existing amp to fit the bill. The rest is history. Taking his already extensive knowledge of amp design and 30 years experience in the industry, Andy went on to help change the way guitarists now deliver their sounds on-stage and has given them the tools to take the latest cutting edge technologies from companies such as Fractal Audio, Line 6 and Kemper onto the stage, live, and in front of audiences all over the world. Our amps now grace some of the biggest rock bands’ rigs in the world and are used by countless other pro and semi pro musicians from touring artists to weekend warriors.

USA Telephone Support

We have a new support number for our USA customers: (208) 792 1685 Idaho Pacific Time for those in the USA! You can still reach us on also and our team will get back to you asap.


Welcome to Matrix Amplification


Where are you located?

Our factory is located in the USA in Idaho. We also have a small customer service department in the UK


Where are your amps built?

All our products are built in the USA


Where do you ship from?

We ship direct from our factory in Idaho, USA

How much is delivery and how long will it take?

To get an accurate shipping cost and choice of service levels, simply add the item you are interested in to the shopping cart. if an item is out of stock the use a similar item as often amps weigh roughly the same as do cabs. This will give you an estimate if needs be.

In the cart section there is a shipping calculator. Just add the address details asked for. Generally most international deliveries take 4-5 working days. UPS ground (US mainland only) is around 3-7 working days depending on the distance from us.

* (Mar '22) Covid has impacted some services beyond our control, usually customs hubs with international shipping. This means some shipments may be delayed if an area/country is experiencing issues.

** We reserve the right to use an alternative courier to the one selected at the time of ordering if we feel it is in the best interests to all parties. ie If one courier is experiencing delays or a spate of lost shipments we reserve the right to change to another courier. Usually most couriers charge around the same amout for services so rest assured we do not do this in the interests of profit or to mislead. Often for international deliveries this can often be beneficial in terms of import duties or administration charges/handling fees that the bigger couriers charge.


14 Day Return Period

Matrix took the decision very early on to sell our products directly to the customer without going through a dealer network (in most cases), cutting out the middle-man. This, coupled with our state of the art production methods, allow us to keep costs to a minimum and pass on the savings to you, our customer.

We want YOU, our customers to be happy with the product you have purchased and with that in mind, we offer a return period for you to make sure that the item you have bought is going to be the right one for YOU.

In the UK, the Distance Selling Regulations law originally gave customers a 7 day window to inform of the intention to return an item if not suitable.  We took that and applied it to the rest of the world but went even further by offering a full 14 days. That 14 days still applies now and to all our customers wherever they are in the world.

That means you have 14 days from the date of receiving the item to decide whether to keep it or return it. This way you can try out the item with your own gear in a familiar sounding and comfortable environmet and make sure that what you have is right for you and the gear it's going to be used with. That is a much better way of choosing a product than some rushed 15 minute demo in a store with unfamiliar or badly set up gear. We know musicians can be a exacting bunch so we want to make sure what you buy is right for YOU and avoid the dreaded "buyers remorse" 

We think 14 days is plenty of time to make sure our products are exactly the right choice for you but If for any reason your are unhappy with the goods, contact us and we'll guide you through the process of booking the item in to receive a returns number. It's important to keep the item you have in "as new" condition and with the original packaging. Any damage or marks may be liable to a "restocking fee" dependent on the level of them. Use a reputable courier to ship the products back to us as the item remains your responsibilty until it is back with us. Any damage in transit is unfortunately your responsibilty also during the return so make sure the item is insured also. Once you've returned the product to us in its original packaging and condition and we will provide a full refund (less the initial shipping). Refunds can only be made by the method originally used to pay for the goods. Credit/debit card refunds will be processed immediately, once we have received the goods and inspected them.

International Delivery

As stated, all our products now ship from our factory in Idaho, USA. Some countries may levy customs charges and/or taxes which are beyond our control and the responsibilty of the buyer. If unsure check with your local government department as to the amount that may be liable or use a customs calculator website to give an idea of what may be due.

*Australia - Currently (Oct 22)We have suspended shipping to Australia unfortunately due to stock issues.

** UK & EU - Matrix operated a UK factory until Dec 2020. Given the impact of Covid and also changes to export rules brought by Brexit with regard to the EU, it was felt that goods would be shipped direct from the USA rather than the UK. Good to the UK and EU will unfortunately incur import duty (as would anything from the UK to the EU now new rules are inplace). As of Oct 22 we have suspended shipping to the UK due to stock issues.

***Due to customs, legal, regulatory and certain practical restrictions applicable to orders placed for international delivery, some of our products may not be available for delivery to certain destinations outside the USA. Matrix Amlification LLC. reserves the right to define what can and cannot be delivered to which destination.


Prices can be shown in USD, AUD or GBP using the selector in the top right hand corner of the website. All final transaction will be in USD  International credit card providers or banks will determine the exchange rate and may add an additional processing or administration charge in relation to such payment which international credit card holders will be liable to pay.

Products are sold on a delivery duty unpaid basis. As stated above the recipient may have to pay import duty or a formal customs entry fee prior to or on delivery. Additional taxes, fees or levies may apply according to local legislation and customers are required to check these details before placing an order for international delivery.


Payment must be received in full before any goods can be despatched.

Damage during the course of transit

Any goods received by the Customer that have suffered damage in transit must be reported to Matrix as soon as possible, and at the latest within 7 days of receiving the goods.

The Vendor (Matrix) will not accept any responsibility for goods damaged in transit if the customer reports the damage more than 7 days after receiving the goods.

Damage during return of goods to Matrix

Goods must be returned in the original condition they were supplied and in the original packaging. The goods remain the responsibilty of the buyer until returned to us. Any loss or damage incurred during transit is the responsibilty of the buyer. If the Vendor (Matrix) receives goods that have not had reasonable care taken of them before returning, the Vendor shall reduce the Customer’s refund amount equivalent to the reduction in the value of the goods. If returned products are lost or damaged in transit, we reserve the right to charge you (or not to refund any amounts attributable to) such loss or damage.