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Active, powered version of our FR212 full range cab. Designed for use with guitar modeling systems such as Fractal Audio Axe Fx, AX8, Line 6 Helix, Kemper Profiler and many more.


Our Matrix Elements FR212 passive model has been an integral part of many players rigs over the last couple of years and for many, it's ended their quest for a full range cabinet that gives a real 4x12 cab feel. The only way we could ever improve on such a winning design was to make it powered and we've done just that. We give you the Matrix Elements FR212A (Active) Utilizing a brand new power module (based on an improved GM50 design) that gives600w of Class A/B power the FR212A is able to now provide a self contained, powered, full range mono cabinet that's perfect for use with today's cutting edge modelling systems. Whether it's a rack based unit or a floor based modeler, the FR212A gives a you the ability to just connect, turn up the volume and play without separate rack amps and more specialist leads. Just send a 1/4" or XLR to the input on the amp module and you're good to go. As always we've stuck with our proven Class A/B MosFet power section that has become the industry standard for guitar power amps. Voiced the same as our GT1000FX, it'll provide a musical, open sounding and neutral tonality which lets the modeler do the work regarding tone shaping. No harsh top end like Class D or blanket covering the mids like many other amps, our amps sound and feel better than anything else we think. The module is fan cooled and has our standard 1/4"/XLR combi input from Neutrik. We've also added a link out so the signal fed to the module can also be sent to another device such as a desk or recording device. Handy if outputs on the signal source are tied up with other things. We've also added DSP (digital signal processing) functions to the amp module as well, much like in our smaller FR10 and FR12 cabinets. This provides small EQ correction and time and phase alignment meaning the cab is flat and provides the best possible sound that's neutral and doesn't get in the way of the modeler. We added a couple of other handy functions in the DSP like an Equal Loudness correction which boosts the bass and treble for playing at lower volumes and also a Low Shelf which cuts the bass a little more. Handy if you're on a boomy stage. The cab itself is made from Birch Ply construction, strong and roadworthy finished in tough Warnex paint. Two Custom built Neodymium 12" bass drivers and a 1" HF driver help keep the weight of the cab down and even with the power module, weighs in at 25.5kg (55lbs), no more than a standard 2x12 guitar cab. The FR212A is capable of handling the loudest band and stage situations with ease whilst providing a big full sound that feels like a 4x12 with a wide sound coverage and great off axis sound reproduction. The combination of the two custom built bass and HF drivers provides a consistent, even response throughout the frequency range. Put well recorded music through the cab and you will appreciate the work we have put in. Clean, detailed and accurate - sounding like a large, well controlled studio monitor or large hi-fi system ... yet with the power to fill a stage and ruggedness to cope with the working life of band backline. Specification: Dimensions: 750mm x 500mm x 335mm (wdh) Weight: 25.5kg (55.2 lbs) Power: 600 W AESClass A/B Module Speakers: x2 12" LF drivers x1 1" HF driver giving 90 x 60 degree dispersion Connections: 1/4" XLR combi input on power module. Link out/pass through XLR Finish: Black textured paint Warranty: 2 years limited warranty

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